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Our Philosophy and Vision

4 Olio Crane Group, LLC.’s business philosophy is that the growth and continued success of 4 Olio Crane Group, L.L.C. is the result of everyone working together in a spirit of safety, cooperation and teamwork toward our customers receiving the best possible safety and value from our work.

4 Olio Crane Group, LLC.’s people are dedicated to the principles of safe, honest, flawless service to our customers, treating them quickly, with integrity and respect. The dignity and the rights of each individual are paramount, be they customer, vendor, fellow worker or the public.

4 Olio Crane Group, LLC.’s people are recognized as human beings with priorities, which are: Family; Work; and Play; in that order. Family takes precedence over all, take care of family first. Work hard to support your family, well. Play hard to enjoy and appreciate your family. Don’t abuse your family, work or play.

Our vision is that of a great dynamic company with profits resulting from honest dealing with customers, vendors and ourselves. Our operations will be safely executed, first. We will set a standard which will be the envy or our competitors, to the advantage of our customers, vendors and employees. Our behavior will be ethical, correct and straightforward with compassion and empathy toward our fellow man. We strive to conduct ourselves at all times in this manner.

Mission Statement

We strive to furnish the best possible safe working conditions with emphasis on the welfare of our people and their families. Provide better pay and benefits. Produce revenue through honesty, hard work and intelligence for the continued growth of 4 OCG and the community. We will treat our customers, vendors and each other with respect using the best technology in our work and to invoice with integrity and credibility.


Founded in 2005, specifically for servicing the crane industry; our first job was with TIC at the Newmont Phoenix project in Battle Mountain, Nevada. That same month we signed a contract with Barrick Goldstrike Mines in Carlin, Nevada. We worked and signed with Ash Grove Cement, The Boeing Company and Holly Refining in Utah, also signed with Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company, Exxon Oil through Redi Services in Wyoming, worked with Union Pacific Rail Road in Pocatello, Idaho. We work with CXT in Pueblo, Colorado; these are some of our first and current customers. 4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. provides the unique ability to provide field services with the full support of Owners who are Masters at their craft. Each day will find Owners in the field, on the job. Our goal is to provide you with quality on time services while implementing innovative improvements for your equipment, resulting in improved reliability and less operating cost.

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