Increase Profits and Cut Costs with an Automatic Crane System in UT or CO

Businesses need reliable and time-saving tools to compete in today’s fast paced world. Automation represents a sure way to cut production times, reduce costs, and eliminate accidents. American Equipment, Inc. offers top-of-the-line automated cranes, which are adaptable to many industries.

Turn to us for crane automation in Colorado, Utah, and throughout the American West.

Benefits for Your Business

You can streamline your production and increase profitability with an automated crane. Automated cranes offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased production schedule flexibility
  • More efficient use of production tools and equipment
  • Remote control of and access to production processes
  • Reduced stock damage

Automated crane systems can create opportunities for your business by simplifying complex tasks. With an automated crane, you can:

  • Create floor space
  • Change a handling device into a process tool
  • Handle flexible production rate schedules
  • Manage load routing and high speed indexing
  • Monitor inventory control

These and other advantages allow you to better prioritize production, manage inventory, and build your business.

Industry Applications

No matter your industry, our automatic crane systems from UT help you get the job done. Our cranes are versatile and can accomplish complex tasks across all industries. American Equipment, Inc. provides:

  • AISE Mill cranes
  • Aerospace cranes and monorails
  • Foundry and induction furnace cranes
  • Stacker cranes
  • Stamping plant cranes
  • Steel service center cranes

Within these industries, our cranes help your company accomplish the following applications:

  • Aluminum, copper and steel coil handling
  • Computer-index controls for monorails
  • Container handling
  • Monorail elevation changes
  • Paper conversion and processing
  • Dip tank system processing
  • Toxic and radioactive substance handling
  • Trash and scrap handling
  • Warehouse stacking

American Equipment, Inc. provides meaningful services to your company. Our automatic cranes help you cut costs and increase profits. You can capitalize on the advancements in automation technology by contacting American Equipment, Inc. Call us at 801-269-0896 today or fill out our online form.

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