Rugged, Precise Hoist and Crane Controls in Salt Lake City, UT


Rugged, Precise Hoist and Crane Controls in Salt Lake City, UT

Every good crane or hoist deserves a reliable control system. American Equipment, Inc. is your #1 source for high quality crane parts & services, and we proudly stand behind every product we build for you.

If your company or organization is involved in fabrication or requires heavy duty lifting, we have all the overhead and ground-track lifting equipment you need to run your business smoothly—including, of course, quality crane and hoist controls in Denver, CO and our other locations.

Drives, Brakes, and Motors

You can always expect outstanding performance from each of our components. Rest assured that your crane or hoist will always do exactly what you want it to—from the smooth operation of our adjustable frequency drives to the quick stopping power of our brakes.

Push Button and Radio Controls

Cranes and hoists depend on finely tuned controls to do their jobs effectively. Our push button stations are designed to allow your equipment to fulfill its maximum potential through ease of use and precision functioning. Our radio remote controls allow you to operate potentially dangerous loads from a safe distance, and allow for highly accurate load positioning.

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