lift equipment and Crane Service & repair in Salt Lake City, UT

Where is 4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. located?

4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. offices are located in Salt Lake City, UT.

4 Olio Group, LLC.
451 West 3440 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Where does 4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. provide services?

We provide services in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. If you are located outside of those areas, Please contact us to find out how we might help your business.

What are the services provided by 4 Olio Crane Group, LLC.?

4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. provides Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Consulting and Safety Training for Overhead cranes, Mobile cranes, Tower cranes and Aerial lift and high lift equipment.

What do I get with an inspection?


* Inspect to OSHA 1910.179 and ASME B30.2c-1993 ADDENDUM standards.
* We create permanent file for each piece of equipment.
* Inspection form filled out and signed.
* Outline required Inspections and intervals for Inspection and Maintenance.
* Grease all fittings.
* Check oil levels and add if necessary, replace oil as needed.
* Adjust motor brakes and adjust mechanical load brake if possible.

* Adjust limit switches
* Inspect and clean electrical contractors, relays, etc.
* Inspect hoist wire rope assembly, record measurement and lubricate if necessary.
* Inspect lower block assembly.
* Visible Inspection of hook for cracks, check hook opening and record.
* Inspect condition of conductors, festoon systems, pendant and cord.
* Check crane for proper operation.

How does 4 Olio Crane Group, L.L.C. help my business?

Give 4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. ownership of your cranes and you will save time and money, allowing you to concentrate on making your business successful. Avoiding costly downtime, catching equipment wear before it breaks down, extending the lifetime of your crane, training your employees in safety and correct operation of your lifting equipment.

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