Idaho Falls Crane Service

If you work with overhead cranes and lifts, you know how much is at stake. In addition to the obvious risks to those on the ground, any object that’s being lifted is also in jeopardy of damage. With quality crane service in Idaho Falls, ID, you don’t need to worry your cranes or employees failing you in a crucial moment.

Our Products and Services

At American Equipment, Inc., we offer mobile cranes and overhead bridge cranes. Whether you need a crane that can follow you from jobsite to jobsite or a permanent bridge crane for a long-term project, we can install the system you need.

Cranes don’t last forever, and the older your system is, the more dangerous it is. It’s always crucial to keep your system well-maintained, but sometimes you need a modernization overhaul. When you modernize your cranes, you can save up to half the cost of replacing it altogether.

Your cranes are only as good as their operators, which is why we offer comprehensive crane operator training services. We can come to your location wherever you are, including Idaho Falls, ID.

To learn more about American Equipment, Inc., and our crane services available throughout the western United States, call us toll-free at 1-888-299-0896.

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