Cranes and Hoists in the Salt Lake City, UT Area

At American Equipment Inc, we provide the most affordable, quality overhead bridge crane and hoist services Salt Lake City, Utah has to offer. If your company operates a steel plant, manufacturing facility, or even a sports venue, you need the best cranes and hoists available in Utah to make life easier for your employees and cut down on maintenance time. Though we sell a variety of below the hook products, our specialty is overhead bridge cranes.

Overhead Bridge Crane Salt Lake City, Utah

An overhead crane, commonly called a bridge crane, is a crane often found in industrial environments. Unlike mobile or construction cranes, your company can use an overhead crane for manufacturing or maintenance applications. If your business depends on quick, efficient maintenance, you need to invest in our Utah cranes and hoists. All of our overhead cranes and overhead bridge cranes can be used to move heavy objects around a work site with ease, thus creating a safer work environment and cutting down on the time spent for maintenance. The overhead bridge cranes are affixed into buildings and are built to meet the requirements laid out by the Crane Manufacturers Association of America.

Hoist Rental Salt Lake City, Utah

The hoist comes as a part of the crane and can be made from wire, rope, or chain. Your industry specialist will know which type of hoist will be best suited for your company’s needs. If you’re looking for hoist rental Salt Lake City, Utah, look no further than American Equipment Inc.

What Makes Our Utah Cranes and Hoists Company Different?

We offer a standard 1 year warranty on all crane and hoist products, in addition to any warranty offered by the product manufacturer. We also provide service response at any time of the day or night. Each one of our technicians are highly trained to handle any equipment problem. If you need cranes and hoists, contact American Equipment Inc. today.

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