Full Service Crane Modification and Crane Modernization Services


Crane modification can extend the life of an already structurally sound crane, and enhance the functionality. Some reasons your company may consider a modernization as opposed to a new crane may include:

  • Increase the capacity
  • Upgrade the hoist
  • Addition of a Variable Speed Drive
  • Addition of a Radio Control System
  • Change in product handled/or environment
  • Change in Power Source (DC to AC)
  • Reduce constant maintenance/Decrease crane down time
  • Increase Safety
  • Ensure crane meets all ANSI/OSHA and NEC Standards

Looking to Save Some Extra Cash on Cranes?

Did you know that going with a modernized crane can save you as much as 50% compared to a new crane? If you’re looking to save cash and still get a reliable product, it’s time to look into the crane modernization offered at American Equipment, Inc. We can save you money and still deliver a product that will help you work wonders on your next heavy duty project. If you’re a doubter, just check out our crane modernization “before and after” photos.

Benefits of a Modernized Crane

Brand new cranes are wonderful, but some customers decide they want a more cost-effective approach to project management. If you fall into this category, crane modernization is a perfect option for you. When our professionals work to modernize a crane, they completely revamp it. They reduce constant maintenance while simultaneously decreasing the down time.

The American Equipment, Inc. Guarantee

First and foremost, we care about customer satisfaction. We want to help you make your projects easier, so we do everything possible to provide you with a product you need. We offer a standard one year warranty on all cranes and hoists, in addition to any warranty offered by the manufacturer. If you need maintenance service or emergency repairs, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll come out to help. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We can ship anywhere in the United States. We started our company to help people make their jobs easier and that’s exactly what we aim to do. If you have questions about new cranes or crane modernization contact us today.


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