Monorails are designed for Underhung transportation (trolleys/carries) that move on the bottom flange of the rail.

  • Monorails configurations are designed to move, store, and queue material overhead.
  • Switches and transfer sections are used for multiple monorail lines or storage.
  • Lift and drop sections are used provide elevation changes.
  • Systems are manual, motorized, and adapt to automation.

Monorail construction types:

  • “I” beam: Higher lower flange wheel loading – problem, wheel wear & tracking.
  • Wide flange: Wider selection of beams with lateral stability – problem, lower flange bending.
  • Patented Track: Hardened flat track, longest life and lowest wheel and track wear, specifically designed for monorail application, lowest dead weight per load lifted, components designed for monorail applications such as curves and switches.

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