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6_monorails6_monorails_diagram1 Monorails run along a track inside industrial buildings, making transportation of goods a simple, hassle-free process for any company. If your project would benefit from a monorail system, trust us to deliver quality goods at an affordable price.

We can help, whether you need to design an entire monorail system, or you want to stock up on our monorail parts in UT. Our American Equipment, Inc., team has the expertise and inventory to meet your needs.

Monorail Abilities

Designed for underhung transportation, monorails move on the bottom flange of a rail and allow for quick, efficient transport of goods and materials. Our monorail systems come with a number of abilities, including the following:

  • The monorail moves, stores, and queues material overhead
  • Switch and transfer sections offer multiple lines and storage
  • Lift and drop sections provide elevation changes

We offer manual and motorized systems, each adapted to automation.

Monorail Advantage

Apart from offering more storage for your goods, our monorail systems can be customized to help your operations go off without a hitch. We offer several types of monorail construction systems:

  • Wide flange – Our wide flange monorails have a wider selection of means and offer lateral stability.
  • “I” beam – Our “I” beam monorails work with higher and lower flange wheel loading.
  • Patented – Our patented track monorails have a hardened flat track and offer the longest life and lowest track wear. These rails also brilliantly handle curves and switches.

We can assist you to determine which monorail type best suits your project. We value your business and respect your timeframe and budget.

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