The Electromotive Systems’ Black Max® motor meets the needs of more common crane applications. The modular design consists of a foot mounted NEMA motor, and a “C” face drive end and accessory “C” face. This design feature shortens delivery time and can be furnished with a variety of options, including encoders and brakes. Capable of a 1000:1 speed range, this motor series is a perfect companion to Electromotive Systems Pre-engineered Single Motion Crane Controls. The Electromotive Systems’ Blue Max® motor offers the most complete line of inverter duty motors in the industry. This motor series was designed to Electromotive Systems’ specifications, is ideal for use in any application where precise motion control is needed. Tests have shown that these motors are capable of a 1000:1 speed range when used with our IMPULSE®•VG+series 2 flux vector motor control.

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