Crane and lift equipment service & repairs in Salt Lake City, UT

Overhead Crane, Mobile Crane, High Lift Equipment, Man Lift Equipment, Rigging & Training

Service Overview

4 Olio Crane Group, L.L.C. service includes a comprehensive offering of service, maintenance and repair solutions for overhead cranes, mobile cranes and high lift equipment, to include:

  • Inspections
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Modification
  • Repairs
  • Parts
  • Consulting and Training Services

In addition to our solutions based services we bring you confidence by delivering:

  • Trained and certified inspectors *
  • Capable Sales Representative who is also a Certified Inspector.
  • Fulfillment of documentation requirements.
  • Maintaining historical data on equipment.
  • Reporting on complete condition analysis.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations **
  • Minimizing downtime and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI)**
  • Servicing all makes of cranes and high lift equipment.

* 4 Olio Crane Group, L.L.C. Certified Overhead Crane and Mobile Crane Inspectors are certified by the Crane Institute of America, Inc., recognized by the U.S. Department Of Labor. ** Applicable when combined with 4OCG Maintenance Management Program.

Inspection and Maintenance Program

4 Olio Crane Group, L.L.C. maintenance program is developed for you and your specific cranes. A program which will help get optimum use of your lifting equipment and meet applicable OSHA/MSHA and ANSI standards. Correct preventative maintenance will save money with less equipment downtime or costly breakdown or emergency repairs. Our maintenance program saves money by:

  • Avoiding costly downtime due to lack of proper crane maintenance.
  • Catching wear items BEFORE they become breakdown problems.
  • Extending the lifetime of the crane and its accessories.
  • Reducing your overhead on lubricants, tools and parts which 4 Olio Crane Group, L.L.C. provides.
  • Maintain a permanent record of your crane or hoist maintenance, as required by OSHA/MSHA or ANSI.
  • Perform service, adjustments and minor maintenance during inspection, service which in turn reduces service calls and in-house maintenance costs.
  • Reduce long-term maintenance costs by repairing small problems before they grow into costly repairs.

A comprehensive inspection and maintenance program typically covers over 50 components and includes inspecting and servicing of:

  • Components requiring lubrication.
  • Control stations and wireless controls for operation and safety functions.
  • Wear items for signs of fatigue or excessive wear.
  • All structures and supports, visually for cracks, stress and missing hardware.
  • All structures and supports, visually for cracks, stress and missing hardware.
  • Wire rope, chain, hook and lifting devices.
  • Limit switches and safety devices.
  • Motor brakes for operation and adjustments.

Training Program

4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. training programs are developed to educate and test your employees in the daily inspection and proper operation of your lifting equipment. Training ensures safety and equipment repair costs through knowledge.

4 Olio Crane Group, LLC. trains safety for the following:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Mobile cranes
  • High Lift equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Training for maintenance and safe operation is also available.

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