Top Running Double Girder Top Running Trolley

3_trdgDesigned and Fabricated by American Equipment or a Nationally Recognized Crane Builder using the latest, most advanced components available from suppliers to meet your exact needs.
  • CMAA Class A thru F
  • Capacities to 300 tons
  • Spans to 200 ft
  • Bridge speeds to 400 FPM depending on capacity
  • Trolley speeds to 200 FPM depending on capacity
  • Hoist speeds to 50 FPM
  • Controls:  single, two, three, VFD
  • Radio or pendant controlled
  • Anti-Collision systems
  • Multiple trolley hoists
  • Spark resistant
  • Explosion proof
  • Air cranes
  • Cranes built to Nuclear specifications
Typical additional equipment includes centralized lubrication systems, full and partial footwalks, lights – signal and illuminating, alarms, Data Logger systems, travel limit switches, air conditioning, hoist synchronization

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