Top Running Double Girder Under Running Trolley

4_trdgurt_2Designed and Fabricated by American Equipment using the latest, most advanced components available from Nationally Recognized Suppliers to meet your exact needs.
  • CMAA Class A thru D
  • Capacities to 35 ton
  • Spans to 80 ft
  • Travel speeds to 150 FPM
  • Hoist speeds to 40 FPM
  • Controls: single, two, three, or VFD
  • Hand pushed, hand geared, and motorized
  • Hand propelled usually limited to 5 ton, 30 ft span & 20 ft height
  • Radio or pendant controlled
  • Anti-Collision systems
  • Multiple trolley hoists
  • Spark resistant
  • Explosion proof
  • Air cranes
  • Cranes built to Nuclear specifications

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