Stay Qualified with Crane Operator Training in Salt Lake City, UT—Or at Your Location

The Training Department here at American Equipment takescertification pride in what we do. Our trainers have many years of practical field experience. This experience is shown throughout their trainings, which gives the information taught more credibility and functionality. Classes are very interactive with props. Examples of why certain issues happen and how to prevent them are an integral part of the class as well. Our trainers have traveled as far as Dubai and Afghanistan to train customers. Whether you are looking for Qualified training or our NCCCO Prep classes, we can meet and fill your needs. Give us a shout and let us know how we can serve you! Testimonials of past clients:

“We have utilized American Equipment in our crane training for the last 2 years. We have found them to be both flexible in scheduling and they have been exceptional to work with. American equipment has been very proactive in keeping us up to date and timely with our training. I would recommend both American Equipment to anyone in need of crane training. We have used other trainers in the past, but we are planning to stick with American Equipment!!” –Stacey Riggs, VP, CS Mining, LLC

“I enjoyed the class training and practical training on the crane more than any previous class I was required to attend at NDOT. Your style and presentation was perfect for this material. I learned a lot of information and will be able to use it for my scope of work in the sign shop. We do some lifting that requires a crane like this from time to time. I appreciated the fact thatyou didn’t get too technical and kept it informal. I especially identified with your experiences from your construction days as those too were some of my most exciting experiences in the AGC construction jobs (building the towers) here in Las Vegas. We got to see the crane operators raise the whole thing up from the hole in the ground to the topping off at the end. Great stuff, and the videos showed us how critical it is to do it the right way and the wrong way.” – Keith W., NDOT Sign Shop, Las Vegas, NV

Trainings Offered:

NCCCO Mobile Crane Operators

NCCCO Overhead Crane Operators

NCCCO Service Truck and Articulating Boom Crane Operators

NCCCO Inspectors

Qualified Operator Training

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Have a question or comment you would like our training department to handle? Are you looking for a volume discount on training? Would you like to leave a comment on a recent class you attended? Let us know! We do our best to respond within 24 hours of any contact: [email protected], Direct Line: 801.290.5514, Fax: 801.269.0948


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