Overhead Cranes Colorado

If you need some heavy lifting done, you need overhead cranes. Colorado businesses, construction sites, and other industrial sites can contact American Equipment, Inc., for crane services. We are dedicated to providing high-quality service.

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Cranes simplify moving heavy objects around construction sites, manufacturing locations, and other work sites. Overhead cranes are stationary but increase efficiency when you move objects between two consistent locations.

If overhead cranes are not quite what you are looking for, a modernized crane can save you money and extend the life of your old cranes. Our technicians can inspect your crane and explain your options of crane modernization.

Our technicians also provide 24/7 crane services; Colorado clients can call us at any time for repairs and maintenance on their cranes. We work nonstop because we know accidents and malfunctions are never convenient.

Choose American Equipment, Inc.

American Equipment, Inc., started over 50 years ago in a basement, providing equipment to Utah and Idaho. Since then, we’ve grown to ten locations throughout Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, and Colorado, and we ship our cranes and parts all over the United States.

We serve the entire state of Colorado, including the cities of:

  • Denver
  • Grand Junction

When you need an overhead crane or crane services, call American Equipment, Inc., in Denver at 303-783-0185 or Grand Junction at 970-241-0896.

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