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Rugged, Precise Hoist and Crane Controls

Every good crane or hoist deserves reliable crane controls. American Equipment is your #1 source for high quality crane parts & services, and we proudly stand behind every product we build for you.

If your company or organization is involved in fabrication or requires heavy duty lifting, we have all the overhead and ground-track lifting equipment you need to run your business smoothly—including, of course, quality crane and hoist controls in Denver, CO and our other locations.

Drives, Brakes, and Motors

You can always expect outstanding performance from each of our components. Rest assured that your crane or hoist will always do exactly what you want it to—from the smooth operation of our adjustable frequency drives to the quick stopping power of our brakes.

Adjustable Frequency Drives

American Equipment offers many different types of Adjustable Frequency Drives (AFDs) in classes A through E. These controllers allow you to vary the frequency and voltage allowing you to easily determine the speed and energy your crane uses for greater efficiency. Our AFDs control up to 500 HP and have a speed range 40:1 to 1000:1.

Our adjustable frequency drives offer distinct or variable control and include features such as float mode, micro positioning, serial communication and load check.

Benefits of adjustable frequency drives:

Crane anti-collision systems are designed to slow down and stop the crane from colliding with another crane or structure. These systems not only protect other equipment operating on the same crane bay rails and or building structures as your crane, but also your operators.

Our anti-collision systems can detect an impending collision within a range of 150 feet and can be adjusted for three individual contact closures within the range. Implementing an anti-collision system in your shop can help you prevent devastating accidents from occurring in your facility.

The Electromotive Systems’ Black Max® motor meets the needs of more common crane applications. The modular design consists of a foot mounted NEMA motor, and a “C” face drive end and accessory “C” face. This design feature shortens delivery time and can be furnished with a variety of options, including encoders and brakes. Capable of a 1000:1 speed range, this motor series is a perfect companion to Electromotive Systems Pre-engineered Single Motion Crane Controls.

The Electromotive Systems’ Blue Max® motor offers the most complete line of inverter duty motors in the industry. This motor series was designed to Electromotive Systems’ specifications, is ideal for use in any application where precise motion control is needed. Tests have shown that these motors are capable of a 1000:1 speed range when used with our IMPULSE® VG+series 2 flux vector motor control.

Magnetek Material Handling’s IMPULSE Link 4.1 Wireless Diagnostics System (WDS) is a Windows-based, interactive drive software and hardware package that enhances productivity by allowing you to efficiently program, monitor and troubleshoot multiple drives from a remote location. It allows you to monitor drive parameters and drive status, upload/download drive parameters, and reset faults remotely. With the remote wireless diagnostics and data logger there’s no need to climb up on the crane to diagnose and reset a fault. You can troubleshoot from a remote location (office, plant floor, or another location) anytime.

Push Button and Radio Controls

Cranes and hoists depend on finely tuned controls to do their jobs effectively. Our push button stations are designed to allow your equipment to fulfill its maximum potential through ease of use and precision functioning. Our radio remote controls allow you to operate potentially dangerous loads from a safe distance and allow for highly accurate load positioning.

Push Button Stations

Our electromotive push button stations are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and provide optimum control and performance with less effort and fatigue than traditional pendants. With most models weighing less than two pounds, this slim-line pendant rests easily and comfortably in the palm of your hand. The polycarbonate pendant enclosure is double insulated, chemically resistant, and rated NEMO 1, 2, 4, 4x, and 12.

American Equipment’s push button stations are fully customizable, allowing you to choose from the following options.
Radio Controls

Upgrade your industrial equipment with handheld radio controls. Our radios allow you to move more product with increased accuracy and easy load positioning. The use of a radio control improves communication between operators, making the work environment safer.

Radio controls are idea for any system with electric controls and can be customized to fit your needs. Contact one of our equipment specialists today to find the best system for your equipment.

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