American Equipment provides overhead crane automation and material handling equipment automation solutions to modernize your industrial processes and productivity.
streamline your material handling process Efficiency

Enhance Your Material Handling Process With crane Automation Technology

Crane automation systems incorporate a variety of advanced motion control products to streamline your material handling process. Our automation systems can handle any crane system configuration, no matter how complex or basic. 

Drastically improve the safety of your operation by removing the opportunity for human error, maximize performance, and easily troubleshoot equipment issues with advanced analytics. 

Enhance your material handling process with an automation system that will drive better results.


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Overhead Crane Automation Systems

Automating crane movement tasks can increase your operational efficiency and productivity. We provide automation systems for a variety of overhead cranes, including the following: 

Not sure whether automation is a viable option for your crane system? We are happy to help in your search for the best crane automation services for your business.
Gorbel Automated Crane

Benefits of Automated Cranes

Improve Operator and Equipment Safety

Automated crane systems transform problem areas and process issues to reduce chances of human error. All of our systems require little to no human interaction. We can help limit improper crane operation and avoid crane-to-crane contact, improving the safety of your workplace.

Enhance the Flow of Your Process

Our smart automation equipment uses intelligent frequency drives and software to craft an accurate and repeatable process for your shop. The user-defined programmed movement of machinery reduces idle time for improved cycle times and more consistent overall operation.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Our crane automation services utilize laser positioning systems, HMI screens, and wireless communication to simplify maintenance and provide accurate reporting. Troubleshooting is easy with real-time data delivered to a laptop or tablet that allows you to monitor and make changes to your operation.

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