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American Equipment is your overhead jib crane company for manufacturing, installation, supply and service. We offer a variety of floor mounted jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, and foundationless jib crane options. Up to 5 ton jib crane options on most types.

Many of the pre-engineered cranes we offer can be fully customized to meet the needs of our customers. Even if you have highly specialized applications within your facility that can’t be served by a standard-model crane, there’s no need to worry. Our experts can take a close look at your requirements and help you determine what adjustments need to be made to the design. Then, we can get to work customizing the unit so it will provide the performance and functionality that make the most sense for your operations. As your jib crane manufacturer, you can depend on us to solve your material handling needs.


Articulating Jib Crane

Articulating Jib Crane

Articulating jib cranes are suited for applications where loads need to be positioned around an overhead obstruction, through doorways, or close to a free standing mast or building column. It offers effortless rotation and is floor mounted for easy installation/relocation.

Floor mounted articulating jib cranes are available with the following specifications:

Free Standing Jib Crane

Free standing jib cranes are perfect for mounting underneath bridge cranes or in open areas where the crane can serve several workstations. Our free standing cranes can be base plate mounted, insert mounted, or insert sleeve mounted. They help you make the most out of your available space, helping improve efficiency and increase productivity throughout your facility.

American Equipment can provide free standing jib cranes with the following specifications: 

Mast Type Jib Crane

Our mast type jib cranes are a perfect cost-effective solution that provides for dramatically reduced forces to supporting structures. Mast style jib cranes are floor-supported and top-stabilized cranes that typically do not require special foundations. Many of these incorporate safety features such as braking devices that are capable of keeping the load suspended even during a power loss. Other features designed to enhance safety in industrial environments include limiters that halt motion as soon as the lifting hook reaches its maximum safe height.

American Equipment offers mast type jib cranes in full cantilever and drop cantilever jib crane styles. Contact us to find out which type of cantilever jib crane is best for your heavy lifting project.

Mast style jib cranes are available with the following specifications:

Gorbel Mast Type Jib Crane
Gorbel Wall Cantilever Jib Crane

Wall Cantilever Jib Crane

Wall cantilevers are versatile cranes well suited for use beneath traveling cranes, in open areas where they serve several work areas, in outdoor applications such as loading docks, and in machining and assembly operations. They utilize I-beam boom jib assemblies for heavy loads and longer spans.

Wall cantilever jib cranes are available with the following specifications:

Wall Bracket Jib Crane

Wall bracket jib cranes provide hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns, and as supplements to an overhead crane or monorail system.

These jibs are perfect for use in workspaces where headroom is at a premium. American Equipment’s wall bracket jib cranes utilize I-beam boom assemblies for heavier capacities and longer spans.

These wall mounted jib cranes are available with the following specifications:


There are so many reasons why it makes sense to add a Gorbel jib crane to your facility. These machines can add a host of benefits that make your work easier, faster and more efficient.

Among the many advantages these can bring to your operations are:

  • Higher production — Because it can take the strain off your employees when it comes to lifting heavy objects and loads, these cranes make work faster and more efficient. With more loads being moved with greater speed, you can enjoy higher production.
  • Enhanced safety — These cranes eliminate the need for human workers to lift materials, which reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries to a significant degree. They’re also secure enough that there’s very little chance of them falling and causing a hazardous situation.
  • More versatility — Jib cranes come in all shapes and sizes, making them capable of performing a wide range of lifting tasks around your facility. Having one installed in your workspace means you have a solution that can handle many different jobs with ease.
  • Reduced costs — These are highly energy efficient and they require much less maintenance than other types of solutions. This means having them in your facility can save you a lot of money in the long run compared to other lifting options.
  • Compact size — One of the biggest issues with other types of lifting equipment is that they take up a lot of space. This leads to you potentially making some very difficult decisions about how to best utilize your production floor. Jib crane hoists, on the other hand, offer a smaller footprint as well as a 360-degree range of motion.
  • Easy installation — Because they don’t take much time or effort to get up and running, there’s no need to worry about having to bring your entire operation to a grinding halt during the installation process.
  • Greater durability — A crane is a major investment for your facility, and the last thing you want is to have it fail or suffer a lot of downtime. Fortunately, a jib crane is one of the most durable choices you have. Having one of these in your workspace means you can count on reliable performance for a long time to come.

Looking to increase workplace productivity in an area with limited space?

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