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maintain a superior organization scheme

Reliable & Robust Crane Energy Supply Systems

Our crane energy supply systems allow you to maintain a superior organization scheme throughout all your work areas. 

Keeping your warehouse organized is a key factor in preventing accidents. If you run cords and hoses across the walls and ceilings, rather than the ground, you save valuable space and keep your employees from tripping over them.

These crane energy systems are ideal for every industry, be it shipbuilding, construction, or any other. As your crane energy company, you can be sure our products are reliable and robust, and they can stand up to some of the harshest conditions in the business.

Crane Energy Supply Systems

Cable and Hose Carriers

Cable/hose carriers are ideal for harsh environments and high-speed operation. Our trays are fabricated from alloy steel, or non-metallic construction. Typical applications of our cable/hose carriers include machine tools, robotics, automated stackers, rail-mounted equipment, extending arms, gantry cranes, loaders, cranes, and shuttle cars.

Cable and hose reels

Spring driven and motorized reels are an effective and economical way of managing cable. American Equipment cable and hose reels can be used in automated machinery, boom trucks, steel mills, extendible conveyors, cranes, monorails, and more.

Festoon Systems

A crane festoon system organizes and prevents cables from twisting. Our festoon systems include flat and round cable and can operate at speeds between 200 and 660 FPM. No matter the size of your next project, American Equipment can help you find a suitable cable festoon system. Our systems include:

Insul-8 Conductor Bar Systems

Our Insul-8 Conductor Bar system offers a full range of insulated conductor bar designs from 40 – 6,000 amperes and speed up to 900 FPM. These systems can be used in applications such as overhead crane bridge and runway electrification, automated storage and retrieval systems, transfer cars, trippers, stackers, and others. Conductor bar systems include the following:

Span guards

Electrical joints are often responsible for crane electrification problems. These issues are completely avoidable with the use of a Span Guard. Span Guard continuous conductor bar systems eliminate the problems associated with unreliable electrical joints, as they are designed with no joints and a fully enclosed solid copper bar. We offer 250, 450, and 520 amps sizes to meet all your power needs.

Span Guards are the perfect crane energy supply system to use for equipment in steel mills, factories, foundries, one handling facilities, industrial manufacturing plants, and machine shops.