Gantry Cranes

Designed for area coverage: Track mounted single leg ā€“ one leg on the floor and one leg on runways mounted in the building and Track mounted double leg ā€“ both legs mounted on the floor


  • Steel warehouses
  • Steel manufacturing plants
  • Steel fabrication plants
  • Warehouse operation
  • Plant maintenance


  • Steel or aluminum
  • Portable
  • Fixed height and span
  • Adjustable legs and beams
  • Steel or rubber/polyurethane wheels
  • ā€œVā€ groove wheels
  • Wheels for AISC crane rail
  • Combination of AISC crane rail and large diameter steel or polyurethane
  • Wheels for square bar
  • Manual or motorized
  • VFD controls for motorized cranes
  • Motorized ranges up to 150 FPM

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