Overhead Bridge Cranes

American Equipment is proud to supply businesses with overhead bridge cranes as well as being your source for crane operator training and inspections. 

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Move extremely heavy or bulky loads

An overhead crane assists you in moving an extremely heavy load through the overhead space in your facility. Our overhead traveling crane systems are designed and fabricated by American Equipment using the latest, most advanced components available from suppliers to meet your exact needs. We also offer Gorbel bridge cranes alongside equipment from other leading manufacturers. Our range of offerings makes us the ideal overhead crane company to meet your needs.

American Equipment’s overhead bridge cranes offer an unmatched level of quality, reliability, and strength. Our overhead crane variety includes cranes that are built to nuclear specifications, are spark resistant and explosion-proof, and options with built-in anti-collision systems. Bridge cranes can be radio or pendant controlled for simple operation and can include more than one trolley hoist.

Overhead Bridge Crane

Types of Overhead Cranes

Whether you need an under running or top running crane, we can help! American Equipment designs and produces overhead shop cranes you can rely on, including the following types: 


Under-Running Single and Double Girder Cranes with Under-Running Hoist

Under running overhead cranes are supported by the ceiling structure, allowing you to free up floor space in your shop. The runway beams are designed for the highest-rated capacity with the least amount of weight. Hardened wheels and flat bottom flanges decrease the pull factor over a wide flange, or I beam by one-half. These are designed for transfer cranes and provide the best value for long-term and heavy-duty applications. 



Our top-running double girder cranes are a powerful, flexible solution for heavy lifting in your facility. Double girder cranes with top running trolleys provide greater hook height, allowing you to capitalize on space. The top-running trolley system is supported by the rails attached to the overhead crane runway. This allows you to lift heavier loads and provides more headroom than an under-running trolley. 


Typical additional equipment includes centralized lubrication systems, full and partial foot walks, lights – signal and illuminating, alarms, Data Logger systems, travel limit switches, air conditioning, hoist synchronization. 

Top-Running Double Girder Bridge Crane with Under-Running Trolley

A top-running double girder bridge crane with an under running trolley is an easy to operate and lightweight crane solution. The under-running trolley system allows for multiple under-running crane runways that can operate simultaneously and adjacent to one another. If you are looking for a crane system that can help you lift and transport materials along a fixed path a top-running double girder crane with an under-running trolley is an ideal choice. 


Top-Running Single Girder Bridge Crane

Top-running single girder cranes are the most economical crane option for your project. The top-running girder provides more headroom than an under-running crane and decreases the amount of dead weight. If you’re looking for a simple solution to lifting heavy loads in your facility a top-running single girder crane is a great option. 


Under-Running Single Girder Crane with Under-Running Trolley

An under-running single girder crane is another cost-effective solution for moving heavy and bulky loads using the overhead space in your facility. An under running overhead crane moves the hoist along the bottom flange of the bridge runway beam. Because this crane is supported by the ceiling structure, it allows you to maximize the floor space in your facility and utilize the complete width and height of the building. 


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Looking for a way to lift heavy loads through your facility, without obstructing your factory floor?

Wide Flange Monorail

Our wide flange monorails have a wider selection of means and offer lateral stability.

"I" Beam Monorail

Our ‘I” beam monorails work with higher and lower flange wheel loading.

Patented Track Monorail

Our patented track monorails have a hardened flat track and offer the longest life and lowest track wear. These rails also brilliantly handle curves and switches.

Monorail Crane


A ” monorail crane ” is an overhead bridge crane with a monorail system. Designed for underhung transportation, monorails move on the bottom flange of a rail and allow for quick, efficient transport of goods and materials. Our monorail systems come with several material handling abilities, including the following: 

Apart from offering more storage for your goods, our monorail systems can be customized to help your operations go off without a hitch. We offer several types of monorail construction systems: 

Find an overhead Bridge crane solution for your facility.

Whether you need a top or under running bridge crane, our crane experts can help you find the right type of crane for your business. Increase production with an overhead bridge crane. Request a quote today! 

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Overhead Bridge Crane Controls

Overhead Crane Enclosures

Nema 1

Enclosures constructed for indoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against incidental contact with the enclosed equipment and to provide a degree of protection against falling dirt.

Nema 3

Enclosures constructed for outdoor use to provide a degree of protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, and windblown dust; and that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure. 

Nema 3R
Rainproof & sleet-resistant, ice-resistant, ice-resistant – Outdoor Use

Same as NEMA 3 excluding protection against windblown dust.

Nema 4
Watertight & dust tight – Indoor & Outdoor Use

Enclosures constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, and hose-directed water; and that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.

Nema 4X
Same as NEMA 4 including protection against corrosion.
Nema 12
 Industrial Use – Dust tight & drip tight – Indoor Use

Enclosures constructed (without knockouts) for indoor use to provide a degree of protection against falling dirt; against circulating dust, lint, fibers, and flyings; and against dripping and light splashing of liquids.


Nema 7 & 9
Explosion Proof Use



Workstation Jib Crane



Compared to other solutions, overhead bridge cranes offer numerous benefits. First and foremost, they don’t take valuable floor space or require aisles to remain clear while they’re in operation. They’re also safer than forklifts because the operator has much clearer sightlines of what he or she is doing and who or what might be in the way.

In addition, they’re capable of lifting significantly heavier loads than other types of equipment and can be operated by anyone with the right training. Their ability to work even without power in some cases also means they are extremely energy-efficient and offer smaller operating costs overall.