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Crane inspection & Modernization

American Equipment is your go to provider for professional and affordable crane inspection and modernization services around the clock. Customer service is our top priority, and we make sure to do everything possible to keep your equipment running efficiently. With us, you never need to worry about waiting for days (or even weeks) for the crane service you require, because we provide helpful 24-hour service to all of our customers. For more information or to schedule crane service, contact us today.

professional and affordable Crane services

Crane Inspection

Crane inspection is an important and necessary part of crane ownership. Annual crane inspection is required by OSHA, but in some scenarios a monthly or quarterly inspection may be needed. American Equipment is qualified and readily available to perform inspections at your facility and ensure that your equipment is functioning correctly. In addition to our inspection, we are able to provide certification that your crane is meeting the necessary requirements for use.

Load Testing

Whenever a crane has been newly installed or out of use for a while, load testing is necessary. American Equipment carries out overload tests of your lifting appliances to test their reliability and safety. We perform all load tests to certify that you are meeting OSHA requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

Many inconvenient and potentially dangerous situations can be avoided by performing preventative maintenance on your equipment. American Equipment can help your company avoid the consequences of a broken-down appliance by evaluating your equipment and performing maintenance. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Let us keep your equipment running efficiently.

We provide helpful 24-hour crane service, inspection, maintenance, and modernization services to all of our customers. For more information or to schedule a service, contact us today.

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Crane Modernization

Did you know that going with a modernized crane can save you as much as 50% compared to a new crane? If you’re looking to save cash and still get a reliable product, it’s time to look into the crane modernization offered at American Equipment. We can save you money and still deliver a product that will help you work wonders on your next heavy duty project.

Brand new cranes are wonderful, but some customers decide they want a more cost-effective approach to project management. If you fall into this category, crane modernization is a perfect option for you. When our professionals work to modernize a crane, they completely revamp it. They reduce constant maintenance while simultaneously decreasing the down time.

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