Below The Hook LiftinG Devices

Below the Hook Lifting Devices for Factory Overhead Crane

Durable, safe below the hook lifting devices

When you need durable, safe below the hook lifting devices, contact American Equipment. We provide all the hooks, rings, slings, and lifting devices you’ll need to tackle the job. You can trust our over 50 years of experience to find you the right equipment at the right price. We manufacture to high standards and test our products rigorously, ensuring that you receive the best quality lifting products and rigging supplies available.

Bullard Hooks

Bullard hooks allow for easy and secure rigging access to the hook. We offer multiple Bullard hook options so that you can find the one that best fits your needs:

Hoist Rings

Our heavy-duty lifting hoist rings are used to lift or lower loads and machine assemblies. Their unique shape allows them to fit nearly any hoist and application. American Equipment offers a large selection of hoist rings including bolt, shackle, side pull and weldable. Our hoist rings can handle extremely large loads and support capacities between 550 and 100,000 pounds, pulling at any angle from the lifting plane.

Hoist Ring for Crane
Nylon Slings for Overhead Cranes and Hoists

Nylon Slings

Nylon slings are the strongest, most efficient, and economical sling option on the market. The nylon material offers a combination of strength and stretch, making it the preferred choice of sling for most projects. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and durable sling for your next project, contact American Equipment for help finding the perfect nylon sling for your setup.

Chain Slings

Chain slings allow for the lifting of heavy-duty leads on a repetitive basis. Our lifting chain slings are extremely durable and can withstand harsh environments and high temperatures. Chain slings are a great solution in situations where other types of slings are not strong enough.

OUR LIFTING CHAIN SLINGS COME with sling, grab, foundry, or latch hooks attachments and can be made in any of the following types:

Lifting Devices

Our selection of below the hook lifting devices includes everything your facility needs to maximize productivity. Our range of below the hook lifting devices can help you more evenly disperse the load, increase load control, and move product more efficiently. American equipment offers the following below the hook lifting devices: