Crane Fall Protection

Improve Workplace Safety with overhead crane fall protection

As an employer, you work hard to protect each of your employees while they’re on the job. However, there are many situations in which they may need to take risks in order to perform their duties. These include installing overhead cranes, servicing ceiling-mounted equipment or inspecting such systems. This often means they’re working in spaces that are difficult to maneuver or feature uneven footing. When your employees work at high elevations, they need to know you’ve taken all possible measures to keep them safe. Enhance your job site’s safety and increase its productivity with American Equipment’s overhead crane fall protection systems.

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Overhead Crane Fall Protection

Benefits of overhead crane fall protection

A fall arrest system can protect you from injury in the event of a fall. This type of crane fall protection consists of a harness that is attached to an overhead anchor point via a self-retracting lanyard. These types of systems can be either anchored to a single spot on the crane or anchored to a railing to allow the worker to move relatively freely across the length of the crane or gantry. This ensures that if a worker wearing the harness loses his or her balance while working from an elevated position, he or she will be stopped and suspended in midair rather than falling the entire way to the floor. Not only can a fall arrest system prevent you from colliding with the ground and other obstacles, it will also minimize the impact of the fall on your body.


Fall arrest systems are a low-cost method of protecting workers and ensuring there safety. Having a system in place to protect from a fall allows your projects to reach greater heights without overhead crane safety concerns.

Although fall arrest equipment is a crucial component of keeping workers safe, it cannot and should not be the only technique employed. In addition to the use of fall arrest devices such as these harness systems, employers and employees must supplement them with best practices aimed at improving safety and preventing accidental falls. These typically include:

  • Proper scheduling: Haphazard coordination of tasks make it more likely that activity could be happening underneath a crane. This means the risk of collisions or other issues that could cause a fall is increased. Taking care to schedule work on cranes when nothing will be going on under them greatly reduces the chances of such an accident.

  • Using spotters: The buddy system is a great way to keep workers safe while they are in an elevated position. This involves having a second employee on the floor level watching out for any potential interference, such as coworkers entering the overhead area. This spotter can warn anyone approaching the area that work is being performed on the overhead crane, giving an opportunity to find an alternate way around so as not to interfere with the task at hand.

  • Cordoning off the area: If feasible, the entire floor area under your crane should be cordoned off while it is being serviced. This ensures no workers or equipment will enter that space and create a potential hazard.
We offer the following types of fall arrest systems: