overhead crane fall protection

Improve Workplace Safety with overhead crane fall protection

As an employer, you work hard to protect each of your employees while they’re on the job. When your employees work at high elevations, they need to know you’ve taken all possible measures to keep them safe. Enhance your job site’s safety and increase its productivity with American Equipment’s overhead crane fall protection systems.

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At American Equipment, we have over 50 years of experience manufacturing the products our clients need. Trust our experience and expertise to make your workplace safer. We work for clients like Rio Tinto and the Department of the Navy; however large or small your company, we’re qualified to find something that works for you, too.

Safety is important, which is why we ship products around the clock and are available for support 24/7. Contact us for help finding the right fall arrest system for your facility or to order a fall arrest system or parts.

Overhead Crane Fall Protection

Benefits of overhead crane fall protection

A fall arrest system can protect you from injury in the event of a fall. Not only can a fall arrest system prevent you from colliding with the ground and other obstacles, it will also minimize the impact of the fall on your body.

Fall arrest systems are a low-cost method of protecting workers and ensuring there safety. Having a system in place to protect from a fall allows your projects to reach greater heights without safety concerns.

We offer the following types of fall arrest systems: