Overhead Hoists

Need a hoist for your overhead crane systems? From manual hoists to electric hoists, American Equipment can help with all of your overhead hoist system needs.


Overhead hoists
The right Lifting equipment for every project

We offer a wide range of durable overhead hoists

No matter how large- or small-scale your project, dependable overhead crane hoists will help any operation run with more ease and efficiency. Our manual, air-powered, and electrical hoists are available in wire rope or chain. We offer a wide range of durable hoist solutions to help you smoothly lift and move heavy loads. Our hoists are easy to handle and come with our service and quality guarantee.


Overhead Chain Hoists

Chain hoists are used in many heavy lifting applications and can be electric chain hoists, powered manually, or by compressed air:


Electric & Air Chain Hoist

American Equipment offers a variety of air-powered and overhead electric hoists to meet your needs. Our high-performance chain hoists, available in electric and air, have up to a 100-ton capacity and are a cost-effective solution for handling heavy loads on a daily basis in your facility.

Options include single, two speed and variable frequency controls; lug, hook, push trolley, geared trolley, and motorized suspensions; and link or roller chain. 

Hand Chain Hoist

A manually operated hand chain hoist can help you efficiently maneuver heavy loads in tight spaces. These compact hoists come in lug, hook, push trolley and geared trolley suspensions and can handle capacities up to 80-tons. We offer low headroom trolley hoists, army-type, and swivel truck trolley hoists so that you can find the best hoist to fit your space. 

Lever Chain Hoist

Lever chain hoists are designed to help you lift heavy loads vertically and horizontally without the support of additional equipment. Our lever chain hoists are constructed with high quality steel or aluminum and can support capacities up to 10-tons. 

Wire Rope Hoist
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Wire Rope Hoists

If you’re looking for an overhead hoist with fast lifting speeds that can withstand the test of time, our wire rope hoists provide a great lifting solution. We offer single speed, two speed, three-speed and variable speed options for lift speeds between 3 and 50 FPM. Our wire rope hoists are built to withstand harsh and frequent lifting and can be customized to be spark-resistant and explosion-proof. Our wire rope hoists can even include a twin hook. 

If headroom in your facility is a concern, we offer a low headroom option that is double reeved for plumb lift and a single reeved standard headroom option for spaces without headroom limitations. 

Additionally, we offer hoists with and without mechanical load brakes and in a variety of trolley suspension options. 


Looking for a dependable Overhead hoist for your operation?

Contact American Equipment for help finding the perfect overhead hoist systems for the job. As a leading hoist company, our team has the expertise to help you find the best manual hoist, air hoist, or electric overhead hoist, with the proper lifting capacity for the job.  


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