Crane Maintenance Service

American Equipment is your go-to choice for the full suite of crane maintenance services you need to keep your cranes operating at peak performance.

Protecting Your Investment

Your overhead cranes and hoists are some of the most important machines in your facility. They’re also more than likely some of the most valuable elements of your operation. Given all they do, it is critical that you ensure they’re always performing at their best so you can maximize your efficiency and get the most from your investment. American Equipment provides you with a full range of crane maintenance services to help you accomplish this. As your experienced and highly capable crane maintenance company, we have the skills and tools necessary to help you save money and reduce downtime

Our technicians are experts in crane care, capable of evaluating your units’ needs and performing any tasks needed to keep them in good working order. With regular scheduled preventative maintenance for hoists and cranes, you can reduce the effects of wear and tear, ensuring that small issues don’t add up to bigger problems in the future.

Why Maintenance Matters

Overhead crane maintenance is critical if you want to get the maximum advantage from these machines. Some of the benefits of keeping up with crane repair and maintenance include:

  • Early troubleshooting: Every time you use your crane, it puts stress on the components. Swapping out bolts, chains and other parts as they age means there’s less chance that one of them will fail at the wrong moment. Topping off fluids and lubricating where appropriate also prevents your cranes from deteriorating prematurely.
  • Saving money: If your hoist breaks down, it can be a huge blow to your operations. Not only will you need to pay for extensive repairs or even a full replacement, but you’ll also experience lost profits and productivity. Preventative maintenance helps ensure your bottom line won’t take a hit.
  • Improving lifespans: The better maintained your cranes are, the longer they’ll last. This is especially important considering how large of an investment they are. With our crane service, you can ensure yours will continue to be there when you need them.

Contact the Maintenance Experts

Do you need a reliable crane maintenance provider? Look no further than American Equipment. To learn more about what we can do, get in touch with us today.