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American Equipment has the expertise and experience needed to provide our customers with comprehensive crane inspection capabilities.



As some of the most important and valuable equipment in your facility, overhead cranes must be kept in good working condition. This means it is critical for you to have regular crane inspections to identify any potential problems before they can wreak havoc for you. Not only can malfunctioning units create safety hazards for your employees and assets, but they also put you at risk of noncompliance with OSHA regulations. Accidents, injuries and fines can be devastating to your productivity, your reputation and your bottom line.

Fortunately, American Equipment is here to help. We can provide you with mobile and non-mobile overhead crane inspections, including OSHA inspections. Our crane services include hoists, aerial lifts, boom trucks and overhead traveling cranes. To learn more about everything we can do for you and your operations, get in touch with us today.



Having crane inspection services take a look at your systems inside and out benefits your business in more than one way. Our certified crane inspectors will examine every component of your cranes, down to the smallest bolt. By looking for any signs of stress or wear before your hoist breaks down, you can:


  • Ensure compliance: We’re well versed in all the relevant OSHA crane inspection requirements. This means you won’t expect to be surprised when the agency takes a look at your machinery. You can be sure that you will remain in compliance and avoid costly fines or legal action.
  • Reduce operating costs: The longer issues go unresolved, the greater the chances they will result in severe breakdowns or equipment failure. In the meantime, they may be hampering the how well your crane performs. Paying for substantial repairs or replacements eats into your profits, as does operating at less than 100%. We help make sure you’re always running at peak performance.
  • Protecting employees: Sudden failures or interruptions can put workers at risk of serious injuries and even death. Preventing this means keeping a close eye on your cranes.

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