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Our crane service Seattle team provides various crane fabrication, material handling, and maintenance services. For example, we modernize old cranes and revamp overhead cranes. We’re also readily able to handle crane inspections. Additionally, we specialize in crane equipment repair for all types of cranes and crane parts.

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As a nationwide company, American Equipment is trusted by contractors across the United States. In fact, we’ve received awards for our quality management systems and continuous improvement.

Our acclaim comes from our consistent high quality, a must for any company helping contractors with the high-risk labor they need crane services for.

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Crane services require expertise in order to provide safety for your employees and your clients, not to mention efficiency and high-quality work for your clients and your business.

When you need services for overhead cranes in the Seattle, WA, area, rely on a nationally renowned company — American Equipment.

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Our customer service personnel respond to clients at any time of day or night, and we ship anywhere in the United States. We are ISO-certified, and whichever service you need, our highly trained technicians can lend their expertise to your operation.

Our clients include the United States Department of the Navy, and we’ve been involved in the Utah Manufacturers Association summit.