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Finding crane service Spokane WA experts can be few and far between. Thus, at American Equipment we pride ourselves on our outstanding service and range of experience. We specialize in industrial crane & hoist systems for factories, warehouses, ports and more.

Overhead cranes, like any other piece of equipment, need careful maintenance and skilled operation to maintain workers’ safety and the quality of construction. As a result, it is critical for crane users to teach their staff about the safe use of these machines correctly. Our industry experts can help you with overhead crane systems, hoist and maintenance services, as well as training.

Turn to American Equipment for repair and maintenance for: 

In addition to crane maintenance and repair, we provide fabrication, parts, inspection, and safety training.

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Spokane, WA, is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the United States. From modern skyscrapers to Romanesque Revival style, the construction scene in Spokane is precise, detailed, and high quality.

If you want to thrive in the Spokane-area market, you need crane services as expert as you. Put your faith in American Equipment.

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Whether you represent a small company that works only in Spokane, WA, or a large corporation that works all over the country, American Equipment has the experience to help you. We work in a variety of climates, so we provide you with safety information specific to regional terrain, elevation, and weather.

We have done extensive work in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Texas, and Colorado, as well as all over the Pacific Northwest. Contact us today for the training, repairs, or equipment you need for your latest project.